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Lovely ladies

I have been working on these rather charming and playful dreamtime ladies, they wear detachable capes and ruffles. These can be made to order, for more information contact: 

Stargazing Silver Dukes, whispering cats and cloud princesses…

It’s been so long! Life continues, days come and go too quickly , juggling children and work is ever busy…having moved house, I am now working in a studio at home which is fantastic for working into the midnight hours and even sneaking in there on Sundays…the girls silently creap in too and hide under my desk playing with bells and crystals, there are sequins in all our floorboards….I am hoping these will make some fond memories for my girls…

So, here are some of my recent creations, which, in between commissions and various exciting collaborations, were an absolute breath of fresh air to make. I am very inspired at the moment, with so many characters floating around in my head, I just can’t get them out quick enough! Thank you for all your interest in my work, it really means a lot to me, this is my passion and your support and feedback is very precious to me. 

A couple of these pieces are still available so please email for more information:

All images copyright Alice Mary Lynch.


Julia Hare

This was a very special commission. A while ago, Cindy from children’s clothing label, Izzy and Ferd, contacted me to make a bespoke doll using fabrics from her collection. It would be for her daughter, Julia. Once I received her printed textiles in the post, my mind was brimming with ideas! 

Here she is, I love all the prints together, she’s fun and strong, delicate and adventurous…she’s a bit of a pioneer and loves the great outdoors, aswell as dancing ! 

You can see Izzy and Ferd’s recent collection here:



Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

I have been busy making some new dolls as part of a collaboration with Merchant Archive For their SS15 collection inspired by a walk in the Somerset countryside. Merchant Archive first stocked my dolls back in 2011. Since then,  They have launched their own womenswear line. Using their luxury fabrics has been wonderful, as they are so strong and striking, bold and beautiful. Each new project or commission leads me to fresh new things and it has been great to watch these new little characters emerge from the pile of colours and patterns I collected back in September.

These dolls are now available from Merchant Archive, they are all unique, one off pieces and are available online or in their Notting Hill boutique :

Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Scarlet Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Harry Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Harry Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Dulcie Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Dulcie Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

The Greta Doll: Merchant Archive X Alice Mary Lynch

Nell Nell and Dee Dee

This Cat brother and sister recently travelled to Hong Kong, they were made from Silk satin and embroidered with jet beads, Swarovski crytals and sequins…they are small and framed in a lovely glass fronted black frame. I grew ever so fond of these two. It was a real pleasure to work on this commission for a great cat lover.




Swan Princess

I have been working on some especially dreamy and exciting projects which have been pulling my brain in all sorts of directions, but not neglecting my calm, meditative sewing work. Here’s a new swan princess, travelling to foreign lands tomorrow..i love this dear little one…!



September Princess

September was great. Beautiful light, sunny days, blue skies, fresh nights, an energy, returned and revived, and a head bursting with new ideas…just need some time to bring them to life…here is a Scarlet princess, I haven’t made a doll “person” for a long time, but I might make some more as I have fallen a little bit in love with this one…


Sleeping beauty, a snowy owl princess and a romanian cat princess

After a fantastic camping summer in France and a good spell in the great outdoors, I feel refreshed and inspired. There are à couple of exciting collaborations ahead, more commissions and lots of créatures hovering in my dreams, just waiting for a moment to begin new adventures. Here a few recent commissions and one Sleeping beauty cat..




Dreamtime Hare in Style Piccoli Italy

My Dreamtime Hare and Pierrot Hare princess were recently featured in Style Piccoli magazine Italy, here’s the shoot. Feature by Petra Barkhof. Photos by Marco Tessinari. The Dreamtime Hare, having travelled to Italy is now living in Somerset, the Pierrot Hare Princess is all packed ready to go and live in Paris forever…..






Making in May

Wow, it’s been so long! I have been in the midst of some fantastic collaborative work which I hope to bring you news of soon, in the meantime, here are some recent commissions I have just finished. There’s “Prince Asa”, made for a very special golden boy in America and May Fox Lady, who’ll be travelling to Belgium next week…lots more work in the pipeline so life continues to be busy and we’re just about to get a kitten at home, so I think that’ll be bringing lots of mischievous kitten inspiration- I can’t wait!