White stag

by Alice Mary Lynch

I once went for a walk with my parents. We were walking somewhere in Devon. There was a white stag. Apparently. I don’t much remember. It was a grey day. I was a grown up but younger than I am now.
Now I have two small children and not enough hours in the day.

Apparently, that white stag we saw, he’s gone now, they are rare and much sought after by poachers.

If you see a white stag, they say it means adventure, change, overcoming difficulties, challenge and bravery. I did not know this when I started making him. We are thinking of moving to England, oh, and we’re getting married. Big changes…Funny then, that I should have chosen to make him. A magic little coïncidence .

So, As I stitch away another day, the white stag stands proudly, almost ready to go and beckoning us on to new things…