Let me tell you the story about Piet horse…

by Alice Mary Lynch

So finally a moment. Remember that wild white horse? He went to Amsterdam. To an artist called Piet, It was his 6Oth bithday.

”…Piet paints on metal, he has silver hair and a tender heart” wrote the lady who commissioned him, ”His favourite animal? A horse because they are wild and free. He also likes butterflies, but I don’t think he’d like to be one…. his favourite song is Wild is the wind by David Bowie…..”

And so I listened, drew up some ideas and we agreed on our Piet Horse. Little snippets about this tall character from Amsterdam continued. And each day and night I worked on the wild white horse, and with every new stitch, off went an update to the lady commissioning him, a photo of his body, his new head, then with his silver hair and then later when the beads came out. I began stitching his metallic beaded body, reminiscent of the metals Piet uses to paint. And eventually, when he was finished, I said goodbye and sent him off on his adventure to Amsterdam and to meet the real Piet, for whom his was made. And so here he is Our Piet horse. He got very tall and measures 86cm high. He carries a pouch round his waist full of paintbrushes and a ribbon with 60 stars to mark his 60 years. His name and birth date are embroidered on his back and he has blue grey eyes, and a butterfly on his shoulder.When he arrived in Amsterdam, I received a photo of him in the back of a little car, carried in a box, then stretching his legs after his long journey, then finally, happily, sitting on the sofa with Piet the artist, his new friend. ..