Alice Mary Lynch at Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

by Alice Mary Lynch

Phew, it’s been a very busy few months with lots of exciting commissions! My new dolls made in collaboration with Lane Crawford to celebrate their Winter Wonderland theme of 2013 went off a few weeks ago to Hong Kong.
There is a Master Cat from Puss in Boots, a Magic Horse from Arabian nights, a Mouse King from The Nutcracker, A Mouse Princess, a White Rabbit and Odette from Swan Lake. Each doll is framed in a bespoke frame and will be hanging from the walls of Lane Crawford’s Pacific Place Home store.

I wanted each doll to be richly embellished, building up textures using gold and silver beads and crystals, vintage tulle and lace, with pops of bright and vibrant coloured silks to correspond with Lane Crawford’s Winter Wonderland theme.

I imagined them dancing through our dreams at midnight, their shiny, metallic bodies glistening in the moonlight, and in the morning, at dawn, they remain quiet, half smiling, while just a faint whisper of ballet music can be heard in the distance. A mysterious troupe of delicate little creatures with lots of stories to tell….