Stargazing Silver Dukes, whispering cats and cloud princesses…

by Alice Mary Lynch

It’s been so long! Life continues, days come and go too quickly , juggling children and work is ever busy…having moved house, I am now working in a studio at home which is fantastic for working into the midnight hours and even sneaking in there on Sundays…the girls silently creap in too and hide under my desk playing with bells and crystals, there are sequins in all our floorboards….I am hoping these will make some fond memories for my girls…

So, here are some of my recent creations, which, in between commissions and various exciting collaborations, were an absolute breath of fresh air to make. I am very inspired at the moment, with so many characters floating around in my head, I just can’t get them out quick enough! Thank you for all your interest in my work, it really means a lot to me, this is my passion and your support and feedback is very precious to me. 

A couple of these pieces are still available so please email for more information:

All images copyright Alice Mary Lynch.