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Sleeping beauty, a snowy owl princess and a romanian cat princess

After a fantastic camping summer in France and a good spell in the great outdoors, I feel refreshed and inspired. There are à couple of exciting collaborations ahead, more commissions and lots of créatures hovering in my dreams, just waiting for a moment to begin new adventures. Here a few recent commissions and one Sleeping beauty cat..





Dreamtime Hare in Style Piccoli Italy

My Dreamtime Hare and Pierrot Hare princess were recently featured in Style Piccoli magazine Italy, here’s the shoot. Feature by Petra Barkhof. Photos by Marco Tessinari. The Dreamtime Hare, having travelled to Italy is now living in Somerset, the Pierrot Hare Princess is all packed ready to go and live in Paris forever…..






Making in May

Wow, it’s been so long! I have been in the midst of some fantastic collaborative work which I hope to bring you news of soon, in the meantime, here are some recent commissions I have just finished. There’s “Prince Asa”, made for a very special golden boy in America and May Fox Lady, who’ll be travelling to Belgium next week…lots more work in the pipeline so life continues to be busy and we’re just about to get a kitten at home, so I think that’ll be bringing lots of mischievous kitten inspiration- I can’t wait!





Denmark Dolls

I have been working on a commission for some adaptations on dolls I have previously made. A Spring Harlequin Hare, a Lady Fox and a Hare and a Lady Cat Bride. They are framed and will be setting sail for Denmark this week…my dolls travel a lot more than I do these days!





These two mischiefs went off to London in December as gifts for two little sisters..

Winter Mouse Princess

Voila, the most recent arrival to the animal family, she’s about to go off to meet her new owner…dressed in pink satin, and taking pieces from a chandelier of another life, she’ll always be smiling in her silver slippers..


The return of The Hare and The Lady Cat Bride

The sun’s out. Oh, how we needed it! Anyway, been busy stitching some new dolls which will be heading off to foreign lands very soon..a new version of The Hare and The Lady Cat Bride along with a new Lady Fox and A Gladys Parker Hare, here’s a peek..